Stainless Steel Beer Mug

  • Stainless steel beer on draft beer mug of milk a cup of coffee milk tea cup 17 Oz Description: Lifetime guarantee: order from inspired basics only for quality guarantee. Fake Non-USA sellers do show up occasionally offering lower price but not quality or support. We don't want you to regret later. Look on right hand side and add to cart. zero sweating with this manly steel mug - bar brat steel coffee mug does not sweat, so no need for a coaster. Place it on any regular surface to your liking. Keep it in the freezer and dishwasher safe! 304 stainless steel medical health steel Seiko, fashion design, durable milk cup glass beer mug double steel design, effect of heat preservation for cold multi-function purpose: for daily drinking cup, coffee cup, milk cup! suitable for families, restaurants and bars.
  • Capacity: 17 Oz 500 ml
  • Size: Large diameter 3.07", 5" high
  • Package content: 1 x stainless mug (with carton packaging)

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