What's Your Favorite Space In Your Home?

November 07, 2018

What's Your Favorite Space In Your Home?

Your home should be the most comfortable space in your life. It's place where you should feel relaxed and find peace after a busy day. To accomplish this, you'll need to select your favorite home space and customize it. When you incorporate your decorative style into the space, your home will become even more of the oasis you need. Here are a few easy suggestions for making your home more welcoming. 

Frame Your Pictures 

Framed pictures on the walls will make your home look especially inviting. When the walls are bare, the home has more of a corporate office or hotel appearance. Wall art adds a personal touch to your space that is completely one-of-a-kind. 

You don't have to buy expensive artwork. Enlarging some of your favorite family photos and framing them in a great way to decorate the space. If you enjoy painting or photography, you can even frame some of your own work and put it on the wall. You can put the framed pictures on the foyer table of your home, on the fireplace mantle or on your bookshelves. 

Personalized Items 

Show off your collections and items that remind you of special times in your life. You may feel that keeping too many mementos makes the house cluttered, and if this is the case, choose one or two signature items. If you've always been interested in pottery and make a beautiful vase in class, display it on the coffee table. Not only will it complement the decor, but it can serve as a reminder that you're creative and artistic and should continue pursuing your passion. You can also customize your favorite area with antique jars or bottles filled with seashells from a family beach vacation, or keep perfume bottles or hat boxes that were passed down from other family members. 

Bulletin, Cork or Whiteboards 

These items make your home looked live in. This can do wonders for making you feel more comfortable in your own space. Whiteboards and chalkboards can be used to help you keep your day organized, since you can write off your tasks and check them off. Or, you can use the boards to relay positive messages to your family members, especially when a relative is celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Corkboards are great for creating vision boards. Use magazine clippings and inspirational sayings to decorate the corkboard. When you pass by the board in your kitchen or home office, you'll be reminded to keep working toward your most important life goals. 

Accent Pillows 

Pillows are a simple way to make a huge difference in any room. If you have neutral-colored furniture, colorful or patterned pillows can instantly make the furniture look more exciting and welcoming. Accent pillows also add texture to your space. You can add as many or as little pillows as you like, or mix patterns and warm and cool colors for a look that is all your own. It's also a good idea to use large accent pillows as additional floor seating. 

Area Rugs 

A few layers of accessories can make your home space come together, and area rugs are a great way to accomplish this. An area rug, whether it's on top of tile or wood floors or carpet, makes the room look more expansive. Place a patterned rug in your breakfast nook to contrast neutral colors in the room decor like gray, brown or tan. Place a small area rug at the entrance of your home to add visual appeal to the foyer. Rugs of varying sizes can also be positioned in large areas of your home, like the den or living room. For instance, you can put the larger area rug in the center of the room, and add smaller rugs on the sides of a sofa or chaise. Mixing and matching patterns, as with the throw pillows, gives the room a bohemian chic look. 

You can add these decorative elements to your home in a matter of minutes and see a significant transformation in your home. Combining the home accents to your liking can make your home the place you enjoy the most.