Recycling, Power In Our Hands

November 13, 2018

Recycling, Power In Our Hands

The process of recycling different types of materials has been carried out for centuries now. As time has gone by, the practice of recycling has become increasingly commonplace, and is regularly practiced in communities of all sizes around the world. 

When individual people practice recycling on a regular basis, a wide range of benefits are provided to their communities. When recycling is done on a community-wide level, the results can be quite far-reaching. 

In today's world, a broad spectrum of materials are regularly recycled. These include plastic, glass, metal, paper, textiles, electronics products and cardboard. 

One form of recycling that virtually everyone engages in is the recycling of consumer waste, or garbage. Some people place all of their refuse in one container, then the contents of the container are brought to a recycling facility, where they are separated for further recycling. 

Sometimes, people may have a single-stream refuse collection system in place where they live. With this system, all types of recyclable items are separated from general refuse, and are placed into a special container. 

By consistently placing their refuse and/or recyclable items in the proper receptacles, people are helping to make the world a better place by simply being conscientious. The recycling of consumer waste helps to prevent pollution, reduce the amount of needed landfill space and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. 

In 25 countries worldwide and 10 U.S. states, there are beverage container deposit laws in effect, wherein a small deposit is calculated into the price of certain beverages such as soda, water and beer. Bottle deposit laws provide a multitude of benefits for both the environment and economy. 

When bottle deposit laws are in effect, many recycling jobs are created and the local environment is generally free of beverage container litter. The glass, plastic and metal beverage containers are often crushed, then further recycled. The beverage containers that are recycled can be turned into lots of other types of products. It is very common now to find that many everyday objects such as shopping bags, newspapers and magazines and other items are recycled. 

In order to help ensure a healthier environment for today and tomorrow, it is very important for citizens of the world to participate in recycling. With ever-increasing consumption of consumer goods and diminishing amounts of undeveloped land in place, it is clear to see that participating in recycling is the right thing to do.