5 ways to maximize your comfort at home

October 29, 2018

5 ways to maximize your comfort at home

Your home should be one of the most comfortable places to spend time where you can relax and unwind each day. Whether you're spending time in the living room or your bedroom, you should enjoy entertaining and lounging around in the house. If you want to maximize the comfort of your home and get more use out of the space, there are a few essential tips to follow. 

1. Add Plants 

Bring a touch of the outdoors into your home by adding plants to the interior of your setting. Plants are known to improve the air quality inside of buildings and also contribute to the decor that is on display. Consider adding a few plants to your fireplace mantle, on a bookcase, or on a coffee table to surround yourself with natural greenery that will liven up the home. You'll want to place the plants in areas where natural sunlight is present during the day to ensure that they can thrive in their environment. Adding a fiddle leaf fig tree to the corner of the room or a European Pan Palm can also fill in a bare area with a natural element. Not only do plants complement different types of homes, but they never go out of style. 

2. Use Plush or Upholstered Furniture 

Plush and upholstered furniture not only adds a cozy touch to the entryway or dining room but is also comfortable to use when you're lounging around the home. Opt for using materials that are soft to the touch and contribute to the aesthetics of the space. Upholstered furniture with patterns can allow you to express yourself and reflect your personality. 

You can also avoid using furniture pieces that have sharp edges or bland color shades, which can take away from the quality and comfort of the home. 

3. Utilize Warm Color Shades 

Make use of warm color shades in the home to ensure that it feels comfortable and will put you at ease. Blue, green, brown, and gray are all color shades that can set the tone of the space and will reduce any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling. Wallpaper that is abstract and neutral will also look appealing and can add detail to your walls. Consider decorating an accent wall or the wall across from the entrance of the room to make the environment look inviting. 

4. Include Personal Photos 

You'll feel most at home if you're surrounded by photos of your loved ones in your 

bedroom, living room, and while walking down the hallways in the house. Make it a point to put pictures of your loved ones on display to ensure that you're reminded of your most important relationships and the bond that you share with your favorite people in your life. Consider using shadow box frames and filling floating shelves with your frames images to ensure that they contribute to the decor inside of the home. 

5. Add Rustic Touches 

Whether your home is modern or mid-century, don't be afraid to add a few rustic touches that add character to the space due to their unique design. You can scour flea markets or yard sales in the local area to purchase vintage or old finds that add warmth to your interior setting without spending a lot of money. Consider hanging a rustic sign in your kitchen or an antique mirror above your fireplace to prevent the home from feeling cold or bare. The rustic touches will make your home look unique and original to ensure that it feels like your own space. 

There are many ways to increase the level of comfort inside of your home and allow it to be everything you envisioned. With the right tips followed, you can create a cozy and attractive space that meets your needs and is a place you can look forward to coming home to each day.